Staff Appreciation Lunch – May 31st

Staff Appreciation Lunch – May 31st

Hello KGMS Families,

May 7th is already upon us, so that means it is time to start planning for our annual Staff Appreciation Lunch.  Our theme this year is “Lighting our way”.

For those who are new to the school, this lunch is held on Report Writing Day  (students are not in attendance), and is our chance as the parent community to let ALL our wonderful staff know just how much they are appreciated.  This year the date is Friday, May 31st, which is coming up in less than 4 weeks!

We will be using the Perfect Potluck website again for signing up to help (see information below).

How you can help:

  • before the lunch – rental pick up, banner
  • on the day of the lunch (setup, clean up, serving)
  • providing a food item/dish or beverage item (can be dropped off the day before or on the day before 11am)

There was so much wonderful food from our families last year. This means a great deal to all of our staff and they look forward to the delicious luncheon every year!

The other thing that means a great deal to our staff, are the comments we receive from parents, students and other caregivers who have been positively affected by how our staff help our kids all year.  If you want to express how the staff have helped you/your child/your family, please submit your comments on our Guestbook website ( ). You can also use the “lighting our way”  theme in your comments. These comments will be displayed at the staff lunch as part of the decor that shows our appreciation. You can also access a link to the guestbook from the Perfect Potluck sign up page.

Thank you in advance for helping with this important event! And remember, this goes towards your volunteer hours!

Trish Schonbrun- KGMS PAC & Staff Appreciation Lunch Coordinator