our story

At KGMS, we believe that a safe, nurturing environment is key to academic success. We believe that every child is unique and that their differences should be celebrated. We believe in an innovative approach to education that’s forward-thinking yet rooted in history. We believe that every child deserves to fit in, to feel like they’re on the inside. Above all, we believe in the potential of our students.

We are committed to whole-child development, and our educational approach adapts to the individual needs and learning styles of each student. We empower our students to move past their learning obstacles so they may experience success and a sense of pride in their abilities. At KGMS, you will see dynamic and capable children who are thriving and finding joy in learning.

Watch this beautiful video celebrating the 40th anniversary of KGMS which was started by Anne Rushforth. Sadly, Anne passed away several months after the making of this video. https://vimeo.com/87748502

Our Campus

KGMS’s staff and faculty work together to create a welcoming and nurturing environment where students can thrive. Day-to-day instruction and activities are conducted in small groups, with a student-teacher ratio of 5:1. All of our teachers are certified through the BC College of Teachers or the Office of the Inspector of Independent Schools, and all have a Bachelor of Education Degree, with many holding Master’s Degrees.

Teachers and tutors are certified in the Orton-Gillingham approach, and they participate in ongoing professional development programs to expand their skills. KGMS fosters an open and dynamic environment, which allows our highly capable team to build upon students’ successes and make learning attainable, stimulating and rewarding.

Our Community

KGMS is located in the heart of a safe, residential neighborhood in North Vancouver. Just minutes from the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge and 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver, KGMS occupies an expansive tree-lined acreage in the shadow of Mount Seymour. Across the street is Maplewood Farm, a fully functioning urban farm complete with donkeys and pot-belly pigs. All of our students receive an annual membership to Maplewood Farm, which provides a wealth of hands-on learning opportunities. KGMS students come from across the Lower Mainland, and families often relocate from other cities or provinces in order to meet their child’s educational needs. With its close proximity to downtown Vancouver and wealth of outdoor opportunities, North Vancouver is an ideal home for children and parents alike. KGMS’s busing program makes commuting from outside of North Vancouver convenient and easy.

Message from the head of school

Welcome to Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School. Located in North Vancouver, British Columbia, we are in our over forty years of dedicated service to the unique and diverse learning needs of our students. Kenneth Gordon provides developmentally informed instruction that empowers children with learning disabilities in a passionate and inspiring learning environment. The program is based on many years of experience and research and delivers tangible results. At KGMS, we celebrate differences and value diversity. The way to maximize any child’s potential is to create an environment that is conducive to the simultaneous growth in intellectual, emotional and physical development. We believe every child can engage in learning. It is our duty to unlock and remove the obstacles to learning for each child so that they can be empowered to experience success. The Kenneth Gordon program is aimed at developing the whole child. In an emotionally safe environment, our students have opportunities to develop their many strengths. Kenneth Gordon staff and faculty focus resolutely on the strength and character of the individual student. Tailoring our teaching to each student, we wrap the program around the child rather than requiring the child to fit within a rigid program. Developing understanding of themselves and differences in others is a major step in supporting students with learning differences. At Kenneth Gordon our goal is to nurture the children and draw from within, their very best. We prove to our children that they are entitled to learn joyously, to succeed and to reach their potential and beyond. Equipping them with an understanding of their own learning style and a vision of their own success enable them to be successful self advocates in the real world. Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School exists to provide students with an effective academic and emotionally supportive environment for the education of children with specific learning disabilities. The KGMS staff are world-class experts at what they do, and I am honoured to be part of this wonderful organization. I encourage you to become involved and share in the KGMS experience through contributing to our website, following our Facebook page and responding to our regular blog posts. After you have toured our school website,  take some time to come and visit us and see us in action!