Volunteer Hours Opportunities

Volunteer Hours Opportunities

Fall Grounds Cleanup on Parent/Teacher/Tutor conference day, Friday November 22nd.

The cleanup will include cutting back of overgrown shrubbery especially around the back basketball court, raking and general gardening. We will provide green bin bags, while parents are requested to bring their own large gardening tools such as clippers and rakes.

We are also looking for one parent, with a large vehicle, to take the day’s worth of clippings to the local transfer station. The fee for disposal can either be charged back to the school or can be converted into one hour of volunteer time.

Painting Division 1 Class

We need several parents to help paint the entire classroom. Access can be provided on a weekend or during the Winter Break.

Please contact Katherine HERE if you are interested in one of these opportunities.

P.S. All hours spent on these projects will go towards your annual volunteer commitment.